For a very long time now, my download speed has been very fast, running at an average speed of 34Mbps, but my upload speed is even lucky to get to 1Mbps, it is always averaging around 0.7Mbps. It is almost impossible for to upload anything, and if I try, it will take a very long to do so. I do use

Slow download speeds, Fast upload speeds. Other devices Sep 08, 2014 Solved: slow wireless download, fast upload on Inspiron 15 Nov 18, 2018 gopro plus slow upload speed - GoPro Support Hub To update directly from the camera, connect to the app and then select the cloud upload icon on the main screen (before you go into settings or media preview). Make sure your camera connections are on, the camera is plugged in and close to your home router, You should first try with the 5Mhz, but if that doesn't work, switch the camera to 2.4Mhz. Why is my LTE upload speed slow? - Solved

Slow download but good upload speeds? - Cisco Community Re: Slow download but good upload speeds? The issue seems to be mostly with 2.4ghz but we have seen a few instances where, with many devices in an area with 2 APs, even our Surface tablets get less than a 1mbps down but show 20-30 mbps upload.

Slow download, fast upload - TP-Link SOHO Community

Wow that's nice and fast upload speeds. Good for live streaming to the web. Download as you know is terrible for 4g. But like littlemisszoe says it's probably down to the high demand as the rollout was very recent. Have you done a 3G speed test? If not please do one from roughly the same place as the 4g test and let us know the results Answered: Slow Upload Speed - Sky Community Hello, we have been having trouble with our upload speed for years now and as we are getting more and more devices we need more and more speed, however our upload speed is only at 0.46 mbps, we recently had an engineer out and had a line cap removed which increased our download from 12 mbps to 19.6 mbps, however the upload seems to have gone from 0.6 to 0.46 mbps, we have had the brand new sky