What is roaming? If I turn on roaming and I am in the United States (and say i "roamed" data), do I still pay fees, or is it only outside the United States? Sorry but roaming is explained well outside for when outside the US (Canada,Mexico,etc) but doesn't say anything about roaming in the US.

Domestic roaming occurs when your mobile device connects to a non-Verizon Wireless network in the United States, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. For information about roaming outside the US, refer to our International Travel FAQs. For information about prepaid service and domestic roaming, refer to our Prepaid Service FAQs. For domestic data roaming, notifications are sent when you reach 75%, 90% and 100% of your limit.* To update your notification preferences, you can manage your account online by signing in to My Sprint or just contact us. Note: When updating your online preferences, you must change your default notification to Yes and select either text or When roaming on these networks, you'll receive free usage alerts via text message to alert you if you approach/reach your available domestic roaming data. You can review the T-Mobile coverage map prior to traveling to determine if your destination is within a T-Mobile or partner network area. Select Boost Mobile monthly plans automatically include 50 minutes of domestic voice minutes while roaming each month. Domestic text (SMS) and data roaming is not provided; neither is international roaming. As a note, 50 minutes is more than sufficient for the vast majority of our customers who temporarily find themselves in roaming territory. Domestic roaming is included, BUT when roaming you are using your anytime minutes so if you go over you will incur overage charges. Also too much roaming can/will get you terminated. Off-network Roaming: The primary use of your Device must be for domestic purposes within the Sprint-owned network. Domestic Roaming In about a week and a half, I will be roaming on Commnet Wireless in Page, AZ. I chatted with an AT&T rep about roaming data limits, as on AT&T's website it says there is a 400MB roaming limit.

How does GSM domestic roaming compare with T-Mobile's? Does Ting GSM roam? Whit Blauvelt August 15, 2015 13:16. I'm in Vermont, where the CDMA roaming from Sprint to Verizon for voice has proved useful. Nobody has anything like 100% coverage here. My son's craving a customized Moto G, which if on Ting will only work on GSM.

Important notice about domestic data use while off the T‑Mobile network. As of April 5, 2012 there is a limit on the amount of data that can be used while a T‑Mobile customer's device is connected to another provider's network ("off-network" or "domestic roaming"). Customers that are domestically roaming will receive free text message usage alerts once they reach 80% and 100% Through domestic roaming the cost of building and upgrading mobile networks can be shared between two or more mobile providers. Consumers would receive the benefits of choice, as multiple mobile providers would compete on the basis of one mobile network in many rural and remote areas. Domestic roaming is included in on Simply Everything and Everything Data plans. You are essentially using our roaming partners network when the Sprint network is not available. Does roaming cost money? Roaming charges can reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you're not careful. Roaming is generally not included in your plan, and

Domestic roaming is usually free. Unfortunately, international roaming often involves being charged data roaming fees that can become costly very quickly. You can trigger data roaming fees in several ways: make or receive phone calls,

Mobile domestic roaming: An explainer. Vodafone is continuing to fight the regulator in court over its decision due later in October -- but would a mobile domestic roaming declaration increase or Domestic Roaming Compare the best cell phone plans with domestic roaming on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Roaming is when your phone switches networks for coverage. Mobile operators that have a large regional presence increasingly offer low region-wide roaming rates similar to domestic tariff levels. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, for instance, mobile operators are encouraging their customers to roam rather than acquire local SIMs when they go abroad. Mint Mobile Domestic Roaming Hello! I know that Mint Mobile doesn't have domestic roaming, and after using the trial sim card in my phone for the past 24 hours the signal has been better than Verizon in most areas (Ada, Michigan). It also looked like there might be a $0.20 per minute charge for domestic roaming in prepaid roaming areas. I chatted with a Verizon representative to ask about this. First I asked if there were charges for domestic roaming in prepaid roaming areas with the monthly plans. They said no there are not. Hey, magenta4728114! Welcome to our Support Community! Let's figure out what's going on with your domestic roaming. To start, can you share with me what type of phone you're using and the zip code you're usually able to connect to other networks in?