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Intel Security Assist is a component of Intel’s Active Management Technology. The true purpose of the component hasn’t been declared. But it is rumored that the component collects some information from your computer and passes it on to the manufacturer for unknown purposes. Getting Started with Intel® Active Management Technology Jun 07, 2016 LMS.exe: What is it and how to fix high CPU usage

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Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) and Intel® Converged Security and Management Engine (Intel® CSME) Security Updates This article provides information on all published security advisories and updates for Intel® AMT and Intel® CSME.

The Intel Management Engine (ME), also known as the Intel Manageability Engine, is an autonomous subsystem that has been incorporated in virtually all of Intel's processor chipsets since 2008. [3] [4] [1] It is located in the Platform Controller Hub of modern Intel motherboards .

LMS.exe Windows process - What is it? - file • Intel® Management and Security Application User Notification Service (UNS) is a Windows Service installed on the host on a platform that has Intel® AMT Release 2.5 or greater. It updates the Windows Event Log with notifications of predefined events received from the local Intel® Management and Security Application Device (LMS), which the Computer vendors start disabling Intel Management Engine Dec 04, 2017 Business Client - Intel