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Tadmor Military Prison in Palmyra, Syria is known as one of the most oppressive prisons for a prisoner to serve time in the world. Amnesty International has stated that “every aspect of it was designed to dehumanize its inhabitants.” The most notorious event in the prison’s history was in June 1980. Most dangerous criminals ever on FBI's Most Wanted list Jul 10, 2020 13 of the most notorious crimes in American history

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The most wanted criminals in the world are the persons you definitely don't ever want to deal with at any point in your life. They are the most notorious and elusive criminals on earth and have evaded capture for years. Here's a list of the top 10 most wanted criminals in the world, which will most likely stay fixed for quite awhile.

The Most Notorious Criminals of All Time - Vocal Notorious criminals can be bank robbers, cult leaders, gangsters, and even serial killers. There is no single factor that puts them on the list of the most notorious, but these criminals are among the most vile and talked about villains the world has ever seen. Ted Kaczynski List of Most Notorious Criminals - Famous People