Kindly hold the TV remote control handy and press on Home/ Smart. 1) Press on Home/Smart from button from remote control. 2) Then Select Setting from home page 3) Select Network 4) Press on Network Connection from Network menu. 5) Press on Start connection 6) Then select Wireless 7) Select after your network SSID and write PW if you have to connect

Smart TV Keeps Losing Wifi - Problems and Ways to Fix May 24, 2019 How to Connect Hitachi Smart tv to WIFI Wirelessly and Apr 14, 2020 Smart TV Internet Connection Problems—10 Troubleshooting Tips Smart TV Connection Tip #1—Check That You’re On The Right Network. If you’re using wifi for your smart connection, make sure your television connected itself to the correct network. If you live in an apartment complex, condominiums, or other close-together housing, there are probably several connections for your television to choose from. Help library: How to connect LG Smart TV to the internet

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Connect TV to Wireless Network Here is a list of things that you want to check if your VIA TV does not connect to your network. 1. Test another device in your network to make sure your internet is working. 2. Make sure your VIA TV is within 30 ft of your wireless router. 3. Check for any type of interference. (Bluetooth devices, microwaves, cordless phones, walls) 4. Oct 28, 2018 · If you already have a Smart TV, and you already have a home WiFi network, then connecting the two just makes sense. Here’s what to do: How to Connect a Smart TV to a WiFi Network at Home. A WiFi network runs through your entire home but you’ll get the best results if your Smart TV is in the same room or otherwise close to your router.

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Dec 12, 2018 Connect your LCD TV to the internet | Sony USA Dec 23, 2019 Fix: Samsung TV not Connecting to Wifi - Restarting TV. Sometimes due to a bug with the Samsung TVs, the network settings are corrupted if … LG "Smart" TV Says Wifi's Turned Off - July 2020 - Forums