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California Department of Industrial Relations - Home Page California is issuing regular updates on COVID-19, including Coronavirus resources for California employers and workers compiled by the Labor & Workforce Development Agency.. Some DIR offices are closed due to local shelter in place orders. Visit the DWC and DLSE webpages for up to date details on closures and alternative options for service.

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Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Deaf, hard-of-hearing, speech-impaired, or deaf-blind customers may contact Dec 12, 2018 · Dir ("") If you use the MacID function with Dir in Microsoft Windows, an error occurs. Any attribute value greater than 256 is considered a MacID value. You must specify pathname the first time you call the Dir function, or an error occurs. DIR is an internal command. Examples. List the contents of c:\demo including ALL files: dir /a c:\demo\ List the contents of c:\demo displaying only the filenames: dir /b c:\demo\ List the contents of c:\demo and H:\work notice the trailing backslashes, if either directory does not exist, this will fail and set %Errorlevel% = 1. dir c:\demo\ h To check if a directory exists you can use a simple if structure like this: if [ -d directory/path to a directory ] ; then # Things to do else #if needed #also: elif [new condition] # Things to do fi You can also do it in the negative: if [ ! -d directory/path to a directory ] ; then # Things to do when not an existing directory Note: Be DIR contracts and services provide streamlined technology purchasing for government. These contracts and services cover a wide variety of information technology products and services including: Cooperativ e Contracts – Hardware, software, staffing services, maintenance, managed services, technology training, DBITS, and other products/services Jan 22, 2020 · Your search results will contain user(s) profile name, which may differ from their legal name.