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Hong Kong VPN servers removed in - support.overplay.net As of July 2020, Overplay has decommissioned all VPN servers physically located in Hong Kong, which will affect connections made to the city. While we regret the potential disruption this may cause our customers who depend on those specific servers, it is important to remember that personal security is more important than convenience. Server Locations - OverPlay OverPlay's Global VPN service offers 48 worldwide server locations to guarantee you the fastest, most secure VPN connection. View our VPN server list here.

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OverPlay offers two services; one is the SmartDNS which basically unblocks the access to websites that may easily be restricted at one's own location by a simple configuration change. Price: Smartplay is the cheapest VPN service through which a single change may activate the SmartDNS for which no such software is required. Overplay VPN review | Is this VPN service private & secure?

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